In continuing our coverage of Brisbane's Best Parks we've collated some of the best parks for kids on Brisbane's Northside. Have a browse and let us know if your favourite is not here!

1. Kalinga Park

Impressive and inviting, Kalinga Park is loved for its abundance of space, its tree house-style "Wonderland" playground and its bushland setting.
  • The playground features inter-connected treehouses with a variety of climbing ropes, ladders and lattices, twisting slides and a large rock climbing wall. There is a smaller "Vine" treehouse with a smaller slide that is more suitable to toddlers.
  • Young children will also enjoy the large sandpit and the creative play elements - sculptured whimsical creatures inspired by the local flora and fauna of the Kedron Brook catchment. Other play equipment includes a merry go round, circular lie down group swing, and another large set of swings.
  • Some distance from the playground is a mini road network featuring a roundabout and give way road markings for young riders to practise their road rules.
  • Further along is a dog off-leash area.
  • Wander down to the creek to see the ducks.
  • Sheltered picnic tables and BBQs available, and plenty of shady space for a picnic rug.
  • Bike path running through the park is part of the Kedron Brook Bikeway, a pleasant route that extends along Kedron Brook's nature corridor.
  • Public toilets available.
  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic
  • Toilet (x2)

2. Moora Park

Right alongside the water at Shorncliffe, Moora Park is a very popular weekend destination for several reasons. At the top of the cliff a rotunda and its surrounding manicured garden provides a lovely venue for couples wanting an outdoor wedding ceremony. Below, Lower Moora Park is well-loved for its waterside picnicking, the Shorncliffe Pier and nearby beach, and its amazing playground. 
  • The playground will satisfy the explorer in any child, with a series of interconnected beach huts and obstacle-type paths meandering up the hillside. There is plenty of opportunity to climb, slide, hang and scramble through the huts and if that's not enough there is also a swing set and sandpit with bright, sculptured creatures and rockers.
  • On a hot day, the small beach next to the Shorncliffe Pier is an ideal spot for a bit of a paddle.
  • For those looking for some exercise or just a leisurely stroll, the Sandgate Foreshore Walk begins here and stretches approximately 2km along the water's edge between Shorncliffe and Sandgate.
  • Though it is a bit of a hike up the hill to any shops from the Lower Moora area, there are an abundance of picnic tables and BBQs for those wanting to enjoy a meal while taking in the ocean views.
  • There are off-street car parks at both the upper and lower areas of this park, but with no surrounding street parking at the Lower Moora Park spot the car park can fill quickly, especially on weekends.
  • Toilet facilities available.
  • Playground
  • Picnic (x2)

3. Kidspace and 7th Brigade Park

While this park boasts one of the northside's largest fort-like playgrounds (known as Kidspace), an exploration of the expansive 7th Brigade Park reveals it has much more to offer. The Downfall Creek Bikeway runs through the park making this one a very popular track for runners and bike riders. The park also has a rebound wall, half-court basketball court, and a couple of cricket pitches on the ovals for those looking for some organised sport. There are many great spots for a picnic or BBQ throughout the park, and also a dog off-leash area which is popular with the locals. 
  • There are four playground areas at the 7th Brigade park. Along Murphy Road is the Kidspace playground and another smaller and more conventional playground area. A third is found along Newman Road and the last is a very small collection of playground equipment on the Beor Street side, close to the dog off-leash area.
  • The Kidspace playground houses an enormous, solid fort-like structure that provides endless opportunities to climb, hang, slide, crawl, swing, and even hide! It incorporates a Fairy Tower and Rocket Control Tower - certain to fuel every child's imagination. Close by are a number of picnic tables, shelters, BBQs, and a toilet block. A short distance down the path from this playground is a mini road way with stop and give way signs providing a great opportunity for young bike riders to practise their road rules!
  • Another older style playground just up from the Kidspace playground area has a slide with ladders to climb, monkey bars and rockers. There are facilities for a picnic or BBQ here also.
  • The other main playground, located near the corner of Delaware Street and Newman Rd, is mostly covered by shade sails and has playground equipment including swings (also a liberty swing), a rope climbing pyramid, a slide and rock climbing structure. Other features near this playground are exercise equipment stations, sheltered picnic tables, BBQs and toilets. There is some fencing which provides a barrier to the main roads that run near this playground area.
  • Playground (x5)
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic (x4)
  • Toilet

4. Hidden World Playground (Bill Brown Sports Reserve)

Tucked away in a corner of the Bill Brown Sports Reserve, Fitzgibbon, is the Hidden World of Methane Monsters - an imaginative and colourful playground featuring climbable creatures like sandworms and colourful huts to explore. 
  • Playground features a number of huts with interconnecting wooden bridges, various climbable sand creatures, rock-climbing walls, slides, wobbly bridges, a tyre swing, boat ride and plenty of sand if you want to bring a bucket and spade.
  • A short path runs the perimeter of the park and is ideal for young riders or those on scooters.
  • There are also picnic shelters, BBQs and toilets available.
  • Off-street carpark available.
  • Playground
  • Picnic
  • Toilet

5. John Goss Reserve

The John Goss Reserve sprawls up the hillside off Maundrell Terrace in Chermside West, giving rise to distinct activity zones such as sporting fields, dog parks and family picnic/playground areas. 
  • There is a main fort structure in the playground which incorporates chain ladders, rock-climbing walls, a central climbing web, tunnel ladder, fireman's pole, platforms and bridges.
  • The older kids will also enjoy the other curved climbing structure, climbing tower, slide, and obstacle course which includes stepping stones to jump between and a flying fox.
  • There is a low-lying toddler circuit with wobbly bridges, a tunnel to climb through and a small flying fox.
  • Another toddler area has play panels such as a chunky abacus and noughts and crosses game.
  • Other playground features are a sandpit with digger, circular lie down group swing and a stand up spinner.
  • There is a lot of shade provided by the large trees as well as shade sails over much of the playground equipment.
  • For dog owners there is a main dog off-leash area with a picnic shelter to sit at and various structures for energetic dogs, and a second, smaller fenced dog park adjacent.
  • Facilities include numerous park benches scattered through the playground, sheltered picnic tables, BBQs and toilets.
  • There is an off-street car park but if full there is also plenty of street parking to be found on Maundrell Terrace.
  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic (x2)
  • Toilet (x2)

6. Melrose Park

Melrose Park is a lovely, shady park with activities for all ages.
  • The playground has a main fort with climbing structures, slide, balance beam, small flying fox and monkey bars. Near the main fort are the usual rockers, swing set and a four-way sea-saw.
  • For older kids there is a larger flying fox and a lie-down circular group swing.
  • Playground is bordered by trees along Rose Street and a partial fencing of Roseleigh Street making it fairly safe in regards to nearby traffic.
  • Small beginner skate park with concrete quarter pipe.
  • Miniature road way with stop and give way signs for littlies to practise their driving skills.
  • Small network of paths throughout the park - great for kids on bikes or scooters.
  • Half-court basketball.
  • Cricket net.
  • Exercise equipment stations.
  • Oval with a pitch provides the perfect spot for a game of cricket.
  • Large trees give plenty of shade in areas of the park for those wanting to spread out a picnic rug.
  • Sheltered picnic tables and BBQs.
  • Toilets on the other side of the park to the playground.
  • Playground
  • Picnic
  • Toilet
  • Skateboard

7. Grinstead Park

Set down the hill from the main road of Shand Street, this beautiful parkland ticks all the boxes.
  • Well-shaded, large, fort-like playground features slides, tunnels, a climbing net, chain ladders, a small flying fox, fireman's pole, and various steps and platforms to climb between.
  • For the toddlers there is also a pretend play shop set up as well as a chunky abacus, noughts and crosses, and the usual rockers.
  • There is the usual set of swings plus a circular lie-down group swing.
  • Most of the playground has a wood-chip surface however there is some rubber matting in the toddler pretend play area.
  • The park is a popular site for weekend birthday parties with sheltered picnic tables and BBQs available.
  • A few metres down a path through the trees is a large open area, perfect for kicking a ball around.
  • There is a mini-skateboard ramp and full-size basketball court nearby, along Shand Street.
  • Close to the road there is a fitness circuit with numerous stations and a board with instructions for equipment use.
  • Near the fitness circuit is a rebound wall for those wanting some vigorous exercise in the park.
  • Cyclists can find access to the Kedron Brook Cycleway nearby.
  • Off-street car park is available.
  • A toilet block is available, located at the top of the park near the road.
  • Playground
  • Picnic
  • Toilet
  • Skateboard

8. Oriel Park

This picturesque park, just 5 minutes from the CBD, is a quiet and relaxing spot for kids and adults alike.
  • Large old trees provide plenty of shade to the playground as well as to other areas of the park.
  • Fenced (completely enclosed) playground area.
  • Playground features a train with slide, a couple of forts incorporating a wobbly bridge, monkey bars and tunnel play, and numerous climbing structures and swings.
  • Open space for a picnic or kicking around a ball.
  • A few shops nearby, including a coffee shop and bakery.
  • BBQ facilities and sheltered picnic table and benches.
  • Toilets available.
  • Lots of street parking surrounding the park.
  • Playground
  • Picnic
  • Toilet

9. Hamilton Recreation Reserve

Conveniently located across the street from the shops and restaurants of Portside, Hamilton Recreation Reserve (or Hercules St Park) is a lovely spot to let the kids run wild.
  • Playground equipment suits a range of ages and abilities. Young ones may enjoy the small, older style playground with slides, low bridges and platforms to walk between, swings and rockers, or the large shaded sandpit area. Older kids will love the large rope climbing pyramid, the rock climbing wall and structure and the obstacle-type course which will challenge balance, strength and co-ordination.
  • There is also a mini road way for young kids on bikes and scooters to practise their give way rules!
  • The dog off-leash area features agility equipment, and provides a sheltered table for dog-owners within the fenced zone.
  • There are sheltered picnic tables and BBQs, and some shade for a picnic rug.
  • Shops across the road make it convenient to pick up fish and chips or a much-needed coffee on the way to the park.
  • Other facilities include public toilets and an off-street car park, though this can fill up very quickly.
  • NO lighting is provided at night
  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic
  • Toilet

10. Lanham Park

  • Playground (x2)
  • Picnic

11. Teralba Park

Teralba Park is a beautiful parkland with plenty of space, "big trees" (as the name suggests), and a unique playground set within a maze of vines.
  • Playground is constructed over a number of levels, and consists of separate little areas partitioned by a short, vine-covered fence, giving the playground a maze-like feel.
  • Equipment at the playground includes slides, swings, small flying fox, chain bridge, climbing rings, a small climbing tower, as well as a sand pit and a pretend play station - the Pet Cafe.
  • Children will also love to hide from friends within the maze, or climb the small tower to try to find others!
  • Half court basketball court.
  • Cyclists can access the Kedron Brook Bikeway, which runs along the border of this park.
  • Picnic shelters, BBQs and plenty of space for a picnic rug.
  • There is a dog off-leash area located at the opposite corner of the park to the playground.
  • Off-street car parking available, both near the playground and near the dog park.
  • Toilets available.
  • Playground (x2)
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic
  • Toilet

12. Downfall Creek Bushland Centre (Raven Street Reserve)

The Downfall Creek Bushland Centre in the Raven Street Reserve is a wonderful place to take children to learn about and explore Brisbane's bushland.
  • The centre is open week days and features a fish tank display, interactive digital displays and other informative displays designed to raise awareness of the value of urban bushland in Brisbane and encourage personal responsibility for the maintenance of these areas.
  • There are a number of short bush walks ideal for introducing children to the bush and developing in them an appreciation of nature. One such trail is the Sensis Trail which encourages visitors to listen, smell, see and touch. It is a short, all ability inclusive track suitable for wheelchairs and marked with information signs that are also in Braille.
  • Following a bush walk visitors can utilise the sheltered picnic tables and BBQs available while the children play in the playground or on the half-court basketball court.
  • The playground is a fort-like structure with slides, rope ladder, fireman's pole, rope climbing web, and rockers.
  • There is a toilet block available and an off-street car park at the centre.
  • Playground (x2)
  • Picnic
  • Toilet

13. The Beirne Park

The steel frame of a vintage car in the playground, the old style picnic rotundas and the lines of old jacaranda trees all reflect the history of this charming park. 
  • The playground is well shaded with a wood-chip ground cover. The bridges and walkways of the main fort are fairly low to the ground and have side railings making it fairly safe for young children. There are also slides, monkey bars, a rope climbing web, swings, rockers, a sea-saw, spinning top and vintage vehicles to play on.
  • The beautiful old trees provide a great deal of shade - perfect for a picnic. There are electric BBQs and sheltered picnic tables available aswell.
  • The park is predominantly fenced although the access points are not gated.
  • There are no toilets available.
  • Playground
  • Picnic

14. Decker Park

  • Playground
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic
  • Toilet