Right alongside the water at Shorncliffe, Moora Park is a very popular weekend destination for several reasons. At the top of the cliff a rotunda and its surrounding manicured garden provides a lovely venue for couples wanting an outdoor wedding ceremony. Below, Lower Moora Park is well-loved for its waterside picnicking, the Shorncliffe Pier and nearby beach, and its amazing playground. 
  • The playground will satisfy the explorer in any child, with a series of interconnected beach huts and obstacle-type paths meandering up the hillside. There is plenty of opportunity to climb, slide, hang and scramble through the huts and if that's not enough there is also a swing set and sandpit with bright, sculptured creatures and rockers.
  • On a hot day, the small beach next to the Shorncliffe Pier is an ideal spot for a bit of a paddle.
  • For those looking for some exercise or just a leisurely stroll, the Sandgate Foreshore Walk begins here and stretches approximately 2km along the water's edge between Shorncliffe and Sandgate.
  • Though it is a bit of a hike up the hill to any shops from the Lower Moora area, there are an abundance of picnic tables and BBQs for those wanting to enjoy a meal while taking in the ocean views.
  • There are off-street car parks at both the upper and lower areas of this park, but with no surrounding street parking at the Lower Moora Park spot the car park can fill quickly, especially on weekends.
  • Toilet facilities available.


Size: 1.75 hectares
Suburb: Shorncliffe
Local Government Area: Brisbane, Queensland
  • Playground
  • Picnic (x2)


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