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  • While Oxley Creek common Sits on about 115ha of land most of this area is used for grazing and not publicly accessible. There is however a large main picnic area and lengthy walking tracks throughout.
  • Dogs are allowed but on leash only. There is a dog park area for off-leash exercise just near the car park.
  • A couple of the photos show the walking tracks and distances.
  • There is a large covered concrete area with many picnic tables, if you book the area you can also gain access to a small kitchen inside and function area as well as extra toilets.
  • The main building has public toilets.
  • There is a smaller covered picnic area close to the main building with two electric BBQs.
  • You can gain access to the creek via the pontoon.
  • While the main building can be lit, the park is closed at night time and has a gate.
  • Bookings are handled through the Department of Housing on 3224 4497. They don't reserve the space as it's public area but you can rent the kitchen for a cost. The public area is "first come, first served".


Size: 124.15 hectares
Suburb: Rocklea
Local Government Area: Brisbane, Queensland
  • BBQ
  • Dog Park
  • Picnic
  • Toilet


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