Hawthorne Park is a great place to visit if you appreciate a fenced playground for your littlies, the opportunity for a bit of flat walking, cycling, or scooting, and easy access to a cafe. The playground (known as Livvi's Place Playground) was created by the Touched by Olivia Foundation and focuses on providing a unique and creative play area where children of all abilities can play together. 
  • The playground is bright and colourful, fully shaded with shade sails and rubber surfaced.
  • Equipment in the playground includes a tongue-like slalom-glider/slide (designed for children >5years), various climbing structures including climbing nets and free floating rings, a large sandpit, a "Learning Braille" chart, swaying boat ride, sea saw, balance board, lie-down circle swing, rockers and traditional swings.
  • The sports ground adjacent to the playground provides ample room for a run around.
  • A flat walking track meanders through the park and is particularly well suited to young bike riders or scooters.
  • Wood-fire BBQ and picnic shelter near the playground.
  • Child-friendly cafes close by on Riding Road.
  • Street parking (including some reserved disabled parking) on Riding Road.
  • Toilets available, however they are on the other side of the park and some distance from the playground area.


Size: 7.23 hectares
Suburb: Hawthorne
Local Government Area: Brisbane, Queensland
  • Playground
  • Picnic
  • Toilet


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